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Budget Bulletin from Capital Solutions

What if…? Be prepared for the unexpected

One the many courses I’ve been on was about time management. It was interesting but, evidently, not particularly helpful. A question asked stood out: “What is the difference between urgent and important?” Anyway it turns out that urgent is what something important becomes when you fail to deal with it in time. As a result, Read More

Tax Tip 2

TAX TIP 2 The Starting Rate Band For this tax year (2015/16) the starting rate band for savings income was widened from £2,880 to £5,000 and the rate reduced from 10% to 0%. Very sadly, this only applies if your earnings and/or pension income are less than £15,600 in this tax year. So it won’t Read More

Tax Tip 1 – The Personal Allowance

March’s budget set the 2015/6 personal allowance at £10,600 and it is due to rise to £10,800 next year and £11,000 in 2017/18. If we believe the Conservative Party election manifesto we could see a Personal Allowance of £12,500 by April 2020. Even now, many of us don’t use our personal allowances fully and there Read More

CHEAP LIFE INSURANCE – Compare the market if you want – but you won’t get what you need.

Whether you like opera singers, meercats or fancy yourself a macho husband, the drive is on to use the web to find the cheapest quotes on insurance. For car insurance, I understand but Life Insurance – come on!! Surely you’re not going to base your family’s financial security on the cheapest quote. It has to Read More

Don’t do it yourself

Spring is here, allegedly, and all of a sudden the ads are on television telling us what great deals there are on products to help us paint our bedrooms, treat our lawns, plaster our ceiling or lay decking. Fewer activities are more likely to end in failure, family strife and complaints from neighbours about excessive Read More