Family Protection

“It’ll never happen to me!”

Oh, but it could. You can’t do anything about the grief but protecting your family from the financial effects of having the breadwinner instantly removed from the scene is probably the most responsible thing you can do. Think for a moment how much you earn. If you die and that income stops, how will the people who rely on you survive?

By the way you don’t have to die not to be able to earn. A critical illness or long term injury could mean an equally serious loss of earnings. Remember, a big reason for home repossessions is non-payment of debts due to illness or injury. Income Protection Plans and Critical Illness Plans are there to prevent that.

You know the government won’t look after you. You have to look after you and yours.

At Capital Solutions we will work with you to assess what your protection needs are and put together a bespoke financial plan to ensure that should the worst happen, you and your family will be able to maintain your standard of living.

It need not cost a lot but having a Life Insurance or Critical Illness Plan could be the most important thing you do for your loved ones.

To discuss life insurance or for a no obligation audit of your existing protection plans, please call on 01582 343090