Pension Planning

It’s all changed!

We are all living longer. At the same time the cost of living just keeps rising. Making sure you have the right plans in place for a comfortable retirement has never been more important.

Most of us no longer have the luxury of a final salary pension scheme.

As a result we are dependent on plans which will produce a sum of money linked to our contributions. Some of us have employers who will contribute to that. Many don’t although that will change in the next few years as employers will be legally obliged to contribute to a pension. However, so will you!

Most people would hate to think that all we had to live on was the State Pension. That’s why, at Capital Solutions, we work with our clients to make sure that the amount they are saving for their retirement is as much as possible to give them a comfortable life when they finish work.

Selecting which pension plan is right for you from stakeholder to SIPP and which funds go into that plan is vital. That is why you need professional advice.

We will work with you to establish how much you need when you retire and, as a result, how much you should have to put into a pension plan to generate that income. That can sometimes be uncomfortable as it might be a lot of money but that’s part of the job.

If you want to start a pension plan or review your existing pension arrangements, Call 01582 343090 for a no obligation chat.

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